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WHY Choose music?

Music is an essential part of life, although it exists and develops differently in all of us. Expand your creativity and artistry through our basic training courses in Classical theory, Western history, and practice and performance techniques. Our jazz and choir ensembles perform throughout the year and there are recitals each semester.


  • Read, write and perform standard music notation and construct a Baroque-style four-voice harmonic progression
  • Perform a piece from the body of Western Classical Literature
  • Analyze harmonic concepts
  • Understand historical and cultural Western musical events and people
  • Perform proficiently on the piano


An associate of arts degree in music can lead to a career as a professional musician, conductor, concert artist, studio musician, arranger, composer, accompanist, music teacher, private instructor or church related music such as minister of music, organist or choir director. These courses can be the foundation for four-year college studies in music.

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